Our quality control ensures well-defined purity and effective filtration. We aim to deliver a flawless product.

Esben Kristensen, QA

Purity ensures long lifespan

There is a clear link between reliability and the amount of contaminants in a hydraulic system. Approximately 80% of all hydraulic system failures are attributable to oil issues, and of these, approximately 60% are due to the oil being more contaminated than the components can withstand. In other words, the cleaner the system, the longer the expected lifespan for both the oil and the components.

Quality cylinders with high oil purity help to minimize maintenance costs while also significantly reducing the risk of production stoppage due to contaminated oil.

Our quality control ensures well-defined purity and effective filtration. It minimises abnormal wear that could otherwise cause operational problems or damage and gives us the optimal basis for delivering products that create added value for you.

  • Hydraulic failure

    80% are attributable to oil issues – 60% of these due to contaminated oil

  • High purity level

    Increased reliability – long lifespan
    Increased efficiency – improved operational economy
    Reduced oil consumption – better for the environment
    Cost savings on spare parts

  • Certificate

    We deliver cylinders with documented purity in accordance with NAS 1638 / ISO 4406

Optimal protection against corrosion

Optimal protection against corrosion depends on both the specific use of the cylinder and its environment. The correct choice of material and a suitable corrosion value of the surface treatment are therefore crucial to the cylinder lifespan.

We offer a wide range of paint and surface treatments, treating both batch and customised products for every purpose. From parts for the offshore industry to units that simply need to withstand the outdoors.

Piston rods can be supplied with a wide range of surfaces, including 20 microns, 40 microns chromium layer, induction-hardened and an array of stainless steel variants.

On request we can supply certificates documenting materials, coating and layer thickness.

  • Surface treatment

    Galvanisation, epoxy paint
    wet paint coating C1 to C5
    Customised surface treatment

  • Standard colors

    Black RAL 9005
    Anthracite grey RAL 7016

  • Choice of material

    Stainless steel
    Acid-resistant stainless steel

Certification and traceability

We know that quality assurance is integral to our customers’ confidence in our products.

All processes are described and certified in accordance with ISO9001-2015, and we can therefore offer documented consistency and quality and full traceability of data and materials and in full accordance with desired standards.