Hydraflex customer cases

Hydraflex customer cases

Quality on time – an essential parameter for JEMA Lift

“We have collaborated a lot with Hydraflex for the last two years. These are customized solutions, so it varies how many cylinders we buy. What you can say about Hydraflex is that there is a lot of orderliness about it – there is an incredible amount of control over things. The most important thing for us is that the product is delivered on time, and then there is a lot of focus on the quality of the construction,” says Kristian Ruby Jensen, Construction at JEMA Lift.

Sometimes customers at JEMA Lift need to have cars or goods transported from one level to another. In this connection, an elevator is made for this purpose.

Hydraflex has most recently delivered three cylinders for a JEMA Lift, which is part of a construction project for HHM A/S, which has built a multi-storey property on Frederiksundsvej in Copenhagen. Hydraflex’ cylinders are built into the large lift, and solve the task of lifting the cars from one level in the building to another.

“When building, for example in inner Copenhagen, space must often be provided for parking. Sometimes there is a need to have a car or goods transported from one level to another. In this connection, we make an elevator for this purpose. As a ramp can take up a lot of space, you make what is commonly called a car lift,” explains Kristian Ruby Jensen.

Two Hydraflex cylinders sit on the actual “scissors” of the JEMA Lift, and one cylinder is used in the sliding gate to the elevator (it opens the gate, ed.).

Car elevators, or car lifts, are the absolute largest lifts in the JEMA Lift range, and are specially developed and produced to order. They can handle loads up to 3000 kg.


Ole Mogensen, AVN

Our core competence is customized hydraulic solutions, and that is why we need a flexible subcontractor like Hydraflex. They deliver high Danish quality and keep our agreements, that goes for standard solutions as well as more special cylinders.

Lars Kjær, Hydac

Hydraflex is a good supplement for our own German cylinder production, specializing in larger / complex cylinders. This is primarily due to the fact that they increase our agility and their products match the needs of the Danish market.

Kaj Rasmussen, Hvidtved Larsen

Our quality policy is strictly defined according to ISO, and our subcontractors must therefore meet specific quality and documentation requirements. In addition Hydraflex is also a flexible, proactive and solution-oriented partner.

In our industry safety is paramount and therefore we never compromise on the quality of materials or the work we carry out. Hydraflex has a good product, and because they produce in Denmark, they are always able to adapt to our changing needs.