Hydraulic cylinders 100% customized to your needs

Our core offering is customised cylinder solutions at competitive prices with fast delivery. We are your source of expert advice when your goal is fast, safe implementation of customised solutions in existing products.

We design and manufacture all of our products at our modern facility situated in Viborg, Denmark. A few components are manufactured by selected European sub-suppliers, but always in accordance with our designs and our quality control. This way we ensure that all products are of premium quality

Whether the aim is large batch production or single unit production, your project is in good hands with us. Our engineers calculate and document everything before production begins, and you are always assured of a solution that is tailored 100% to your needs.

Core competences

Sensor technology
Industry solutions
Batch and special production
Wind turbines
Off-shore and marine technology
Hydraulic pump cylinders
Quality and purity
Repairs and refurbishing
Paint and surface treatment

Expert advice on hydraulic solutions

We are experts in hydraulic cylinder solutions and supply a wide range of industrial customers –
both large and small.

All industries are engaged in process optimization and at Hydraflex we are experiencing an increasing demand from machine builders for advice on hydraulic solutions. For all of your projects, regardless of the industry, we can help maximize operational economy, energy efficiency and safety.

Allow yourself to be inspired by our solutions or challenge us to find a solution to a specific problem. With Hydraflex as your partner, you can focus on your core competences and achieve a greater degree of flexibility in your own production.