Proud tradition of Danish craftsmanship

Based on Danish production and with more than 50 years of experience, Hydraflex is a reliable and flexible partner within hydraulic cylinders and pump cylinders.

We have extensive experience in developing, producing and servicing customised solutions constructed in an open dialogue with the machine builder.

Our quality solutions are always built on a close cooperation and dialogue with customers, and because we manufacture everything in Denmark, we are able to customise our solutions until very late in the process.

Our experienced employees ensure that you always receive expert advice and a durable, high quality solution that meets your needs and expectations.

Hydraulic cylinders since 1958

Hydraflex is part of the AC Group A/S, which also owns AC Hydraulic A/S.

The group is based on the basic principles of quality and proud traditions of Danish craftsmanship. Hydraflex has been manufacturing quality products since 1958.

We work continuously on product development and improvement of internal processes to create added value for our partners and keep the Danish production competitive.

Danish made cylinders

Value based

At Hydraflex, we use our values actively in our efforts to deliver high service to our customers:

  • We respond immediately to inquiries
  • We are always in close contact with the customer all the way from inquiry to delivery
  • We give the customer a little more than he expects
  • We keep our promises and are trustworthy
  • We take social responsibility

Culture and work environment

Applicable to both management and employees, we seek the best working environment possible. We are extra focused on creating the framework that provides a workplace we all cherish.

  • That we have respect for each other’s work
  • That order and systematics prevail in both storage and employee workstations
  • That we are thorough with registrations in our ERP system
  • That mistakes can happen, but we must learn from them, not hide them
  • That we devote time to training and instruction of all new employees and temporary staff
  • That we are honest about our demand for quality of the employee’s work
  • That we as leaders set few and clear goals, constantly follow up and support each other
  • That regardless of function we all thrive and feel as a part of the business. There is no us and them
Hydraflex working environment

About AC Group A/S

The AC Group A/S headquarter is situated in Viborg, Denmark. The group currently employs approx. 160 employees and has a three-digit million turnover. Exporting more than 80% of its production the range of products is being distributed worldwide to more than 50 countries. AC Group A/S is 100% Danish owned and managed by the 3rd generation, Søren and Claus Anker Christensen.

The Group was founded in 2004 when the parent company AC Hydraulic A/S was divided into three independent companies, Hydraflex A/S, NH Handling A/S and AC Hydraulic A/S.

However, it all started with AC cranes, founded in 1958 by blacksmith Anker Christensen (AC).  A small smithy which produced workshop cranes and later expanded with the production of jacks.