Hydraulic cylinders for industry and mobile

Flexible solutions for demanding applications

When it comes to industrial use, hydraulic cylinders require robustness, reliability and high performance. At Hydraflex, we specialize in supplying cylinders that meet the stringent requirements of various industrial sectors.

Our industrial cylinders are designed to handle demanding tasks such as moving large loads, precise positioning and handling high operating pressures. We offer both standard cylinders from our extensive product range and customized solutions for specific needs.

Our cylinders are used in various industrial applications, including manufacturing and engineering, metal processing, machine building and automation. They ensure precise control and movement of mechanical components, contributing to productivity, efficiency and quality results in industrial processes.

Mobile industry and other applications

Mobile industries, including sectors such as construction, material handling and agriculture, require reliable and efficient hydraulic cylinders. At Hydraflex, we offer tailor-made solutions for the mobile industry that meet the needs of different applications.

Our cylinders are designed to handle the specific challenges associated with the mobile industry. Whether it’s in construction machinery like excavators, bulldozers and rubber-goods, or in material handling equipment like forklifts and lift trucks, our cylinders can ensure reliable and efficient movement.

We understand the importance of maintaining productivity and performance in mobile equipment. Our cylinders are designed to withstand demanding environments and loads, while ensuring precise control and movement.

Quality on time

Whether you need standard cylinders or customized solutions, our experienced team can help you find the right cylinder for your industrial needs. We are dedicated to providing reliable and durable solutions that can withstand demanding working environments and ensure smooth operation in your industrial production.

A comprehensive testing program during production and secure in-house digital documentation ensures you get a quality product delivered on time.


Save time with our hydraulic cylinder configurator

Built-in position sensors

Built-in end stop sensors

Cylinders with damping


When designing a specialty cylinder, it is important that in addition to the physical dimensions, we also get information about operating conditions, environment, speed, surface treatment, etc.