Cylinders with built-in position sensors

Technology and precision meet in position sensors

Cylinders with built-in position sensors represent an exciting intersection between advanced technology and precision measurement. These sensors use a non-contact method to detect the position of the piston inside the cylinders. By measuring a magnetic field attached to the piston, the sensors can accurately determine the position in real-time.

With applications in various industries, including wind turbines and wastewater treatment, these cylinders are essential for achieving precise control and management. In the wind turbine industry, they ensure that the blades are optimally aligned with the wind, maximizing efficiency and energy production. In wastewater treatment systems, they monitor and control dampers in underground basins to maintain proper flow and safety.

Flexible and reliable solutions

With a wide range of sensors, including leading brands like Balluff and MTS Temposonics, our cylinders with built-in position sensors can be customized to your specific requirements and applications.

Whether you need position sensors or limit sensors, our cylinders can be fitted in different dimensions and stroke lengths. From Ø40/25 upwards with stroke lengths up to 4 meters, we can accommodate various installation requirements and industrial machinery.

Quality on time

Our expert team of engineers and designers work closely with you to develop tailor-made solutions that match your exact needs.

A comprehensive testing program during production and secure in-house digital documentation ensures you get a quality product delivered on time.

We call it “Quality on time


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Quality on time

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When designing a specialty cylinder, it is important that in addition to the physical dimensions, we also get information about operating conditions, environment, speed, surface treatment, etc.