Cylinders with Built-in end stop sensors

Built-in end stop sensors

We combine world-leading sensor technology with high-quality, customized cylinders. This ensures the customer receives a tailor-made, quality solution.

The end stop sensor is an inductive sensor that detects whether the piston has reached its end stop. The sensors are mounted at either one or both ends of the cylinder and are activated by a downward twist at each end of the piston.

This type of sensor is used for simple open/close tasks such as opening/closing a container or valve.

In applications where precise control of the piston position is required, a position sensor is used.

Applications with end stop sensors

Cylinders with end stop sensors are used in production lines for precise positioning of workpieces or tools. They ensure accurate stop position and provide feedback on the position of the cylinder.

In automated packaging applications, cylinders with end-stop sensors are used to control movements such as package closure, product insertion or labeling with high accuracy.

Cylinders with end stop sensors are useful in applications such as pallet lifters, lifting tables and transportation equipment where precise positioning and safe handling of materials is essential.

In industries such as food production, pharmaceutical production and chemical production, cylinders with end stop sensors can be used to regulate and control processes such as dosing, mixing, filling and emptying.

Amager Bakke is one of many customers we manufacture cylinders with end stop sensors for.

Accuracy in positioning

Our focus is to design and manufacture cylinders with end stop sensors that ensure precise positioning within specified tolerances, resulting in reliable and accurate products.

We use precise machining techniques in our production process to achieve the required dimensions and surface quality.

In addition, we carefully adhere to the required tolerances during the manufacturing of our cylinders, which includes precise tolerances to ensure optimal performance and accurate positioning.

To ensure quality and compliance with our high standards, we conduct thorough quality control and testing throughout our production process.


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